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By Antho
#321989 Hello,
I am an English reader of Nana To Kaoru Last Year (Kokosei no Gokko) and I know there is chapter available somewhere, but I don't know where to find them.
Have you a link (or a document to download) to check the raw of these chapters (It can be crazy if you have that)
And are you going to translate these chapter asap?
Thx u, love u for your work
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By Wolf94
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#321990 You can find the english chapters on Mangadex or the scanlation team's discord.
Currently we only have the raws for just another couple of chapters. We plan to acquire more once we'll be done with those.
We are going to keep working on this series. However, release times may be prolonged depending on various factors. If you are eager to check out the raws of the following chapters, you may purchase them on Amazon Japan.